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Licensing Billing Software

Designed for in-house billers to submit claims, verify insurance eligibility, and manage facility/patient statements using our cloud-based billing software for a monthly access fee.

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Coding Page

The built-in scrubbing system at the top indicates errors in claims before they ever reach the billing software, decreasing the number of errors and promoting a high occurrence of clean claims. Easily verify insurance eligibility and add insurance information, view reports, paperwork, and code claims all from the same page.

Dashboard Overview

Easily view and track the status of claims before they are sent to the billing software. This screen gives a nice overview that allows managers to easily assign tasks to billers, as well as easily prioritize workflow of claim coding.

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Encounter Statuses

The main screen of billing software allows for easy oversight and access to all claims, organized by status. This screen allows for the submission of claims, creating facility/patient invoices, generation of A/R reports, and so much more with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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