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Full Billing Service

Our professional billing team takes over all things related to billing. This includes submission of claims, taking care of rejections and denials, and providing access to the billing software and A/R reports for easy oversight of performance. We guarantee high collection rates and can bill for any medical specialty, including labs.

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Our dedicated team of billers submits claims as they come in, leading to faster rates of reimbursement. With a proven track record of high clean claim rates and collections; you can focus on your business while being assured that your billing needs are taken care of.

Automatic Reports

Easily track your business’s financial performance through several types of A/R reports that are generated on demand. Our team is flexible and able to accommodate any business’s unique needs by handling billing activities in any way you see fit.

Support Team

Our dedicated support team is available daily to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise. Feel at ease with an account manager who will personally oversee your account’s billing status and ensure claims are submitted in a timely fashion with high collection rates.

500 Terry Francois Street,  SF, CA 94158 

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